Software-Defined-Vehicles Conferences: SDV, Agile.SDV & sec.SDV

The SDV is co-located with Agile.SDV and sec.SDV, two sister-conferences focusing on Agile methods and innovative tools in automotive product engineering and development, as well as cybersecurity in software-defined vehicles. You have a wonderful opportunity to access all the sessions from all three events and double your learning and networking potential.

Join our SDV events on December 1 – December 3 in Berlin and take part in THREE events with just one ticket!


Our programms

sec.SDV is Europe’s leading business event focusing on cybersecurity in Software-Defined Vehicles. It focuses on high-level knowledge and business exchanges to strengthen advanced cybersecurity technologies, create innovative solutions to address future cyber risks, discuss the latest technical advancements as well as products in developing resilient, safety-critical systems. Directed at executives, technical leaders, advanced engineers, practitioners, and experts involved in advanced cybersecurity technology development in the automotive industry.

The Agile.SDV is Europe’s leading business event on the integration of Agile principles, methods, and practices into hardware and software development processes in the automotive industry. It is the meeting point for more than 150 experts to exchange knowledge and experience, network and discuss key industry topics while creating new partnerships. Discover the next era of agility and join the most interactive live event concept across Europe!


The events at a glance!

Automotive Software Expert Speakers Sharing their Knowledge, Expertise & Insights
Experts and decision-makers from the fields of Software Development & Engineering, Software Architectures & Platforms, Software Strategies, Agile in Software, Cybersecurity in CASE in the automotive industry
Hours of high-quality networking opportunities


Our attendees – your peers.

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